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App & Beacon

App & Beacon

Founded in data science and real world deployments, the ingenie drive and data services telematics AaaS for Android and iOS works as a stand alone product or can be combined with a low cost BLE Beacon for enhanced analytics and robustness.

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Our AaaS product was carefully designed and refined over a two year period before providing it as a solution to our clients. We used our own retail insurance customers to test the product in parallel to existing Black Box technology, which enabled us to continually refine the AaaS solution through the combined analysis of data collected from the black box and AaaS.

During the two year period we collected and analysed millions of miles of telematics data using the latest machine learning and data science techniques, the out put was a telematics App that was as accurate and predicative of risk as that of a Black Box, the industry gold stand method of collecting driving data.


Now live in multiple countries with multiple clients, our AaaS solutions allows the technology to be deployed in high risk driving / high premium segments, and also low risk / low premium segments.

Infinitely customisable, the AaaS solution has been proven to deliver market leading loss ratio improvements, increased customer engagement, and improved cross sell capabilities.

Further enhancements

The AaaS is further enhanced with the provision of a low cost BLE Beacon. The beacon, with its 4 year battery life, provides additional data points to those captured by the AaaS that further extends the solutions performance and provides a means by which driving, crashes, and hit whilst parked can also be detected in the use case where a customers phone is not present or has Bluetooth connectivity disabled.

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Backend operational, AI driven, processes detect and monitor the performance of the solution and differentiate between journeys where the customer has either driven whilst paired with the beacon or unpaired. Configurable business rules are then applied based on pattern analysis and appropriate actions taken in line with the clients specific guidelines.

Keeping pace with an ever-changing landscape

Further more, with the ever changing mobile landscape driven by the release of new handsets and operating system updates, ingenie drive and data services has a wealth of experience in managing permissions and device off air issues to ensure the customer uses the product in accordance with the clients policy wording and guidelines.