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Be different, with a custom build that’s right for you.

At ingenie drive and data services, we pride ourselves on the personalisation of one; we don’t believe in a one-size fits all solution. We have continually refined our..

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It’s all in the data

A heightened awareness by consumers as to the value of their data is ever growing.  Engagement, the provision of value-added services and the alignment between you and consumers..

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Managing claims costs & customer satisfaction when a crash occurs.

  Reducing loss ratio   Proactively managing claims costs and customer satisfaction when a crash occurs is one of the hardest things to achieve. Traditional approaches..

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We are pioneers in shaping telematics.

Pioneer in shaping telematics insurance One of the first telematics service providers focused on the insurance space, ingenie Business helped its first partner launch an insurance..

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Who is ingenie drive and data services?

Our Mission Statement We are a market leading, telematics solution provider with a global footprint; working with insurers, brokers, financial institutions, and OEM’s.  With..

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