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Device and Data Collection

Device and Data Collection

Our experience of ingesting data from a wide range of sources to include but not limited too; OEM connected car data, aggregation platforms, and multiple 3rd party aftermarket devices gives us the ability to work dynamically across a distributed portfolio.

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Evaluating by comparison

We regularly review the global data collection market, as such we benchmark data collection solutions to make sure we remain at the forefront of emerging technologies.

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Agnostic data collections

Although fundamentally device agnostic, we have a variety of data collection solutions we can offer clients. We can advise clients on their data collection strategy, working closely to understand their proposition and ambitions. We can ensure they utilise the correct methods of data collection by assessing the balance between cost, data quality, resolution, available parameters, and customer usability.

An important part of data collection from a wide range of sources is the ability to identify errors, cleans and normalize data into a readily usable standardised format in order to drive specific algorithms.

Driven towards lower cost solutions

With a global move to low cost, high engagement solutions, we have developed our own mobile telematics app that works as a stand alone product or in conjunction with a BLE beacon for enhanced capabilities. Data can be accepted in a multitude of formats and frequencies, from real time, to batched and historical bulk uploads. With a group presence in 90 countries, we are experts in local data legislation and can create country specific instances within our Multi platform to ensure data is kept with the highest security and in full compliance of territory legislation.

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