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Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has been well documented as one of the leading causes of car crashes, individuals can be as much as 23x more likely to have an accident when distracted behind the wheel.


Stats Distracted Driving

Smartphone penetration is almost ubiquitous spanning all demographic and geographies. There are many forms of distraction however, the use of a smartphone whilst driving can be catastrophic.

With a pedigree in data and behaviour science, combined with our in house engineering and development teams, ingenie drive and data services created its own distracted driving sensor module that can be applied as a stand alone solution to a clients existing App or integrated into one of the many ingenie feedback or telematics apps.

Accuracy is key

Differentiating between true distracted driving and false positives can be challenging, our decade of behavioural, data, and social science expertise combined with our in-house engineering capability has enabled us to develop highly accurate distracted driving algorithms.

Available as a stand alone module or forming part of a wider solution offering, our distracted driving algorithm can be integrated into your core customer app or launched as part of ingenie’s App.

Distracted driving algorithm

The distracted driving module works by collecting and analysing smartphone sensor data, where applicable, further behavioural data from 3rd party devices or OEM connected car systems can be utilised in parallel analysis with classification. Distracted driving event are measured in terms of their frequency, duration, and type. A distracted driving score can be provided in isolation of combined as part of an overall driving behaviour score.

Utilising the ingenie BRAIN module, personalised behavioural feedback is provided to the driver, the content, format, frequency, method of delivery are optimised based on the drivers characteristics in order to achieve the best results.