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Driving risk profiling

Driving risk profiling

A pioneer in telematics and behavioural science, ingenie drive and data services has spent over a decade collecting, processing, and scoring behavioural driving data. Through the combination of data, social, and actuarial science, supported by our in-house development teams, we have created market leading algorithms that are highly predicative of risk.


Smartphone Penetration

Linking billions of miles of driving data and 100,’s of thousands of crash events to insurance outcomes (Not proxies), our teams continually refine our driver risk algorithms to ensure they are representative and aligned to the different driving styles observed across varied demographics and geographies.

ingenie’s unique data insight forms the basis of it’s driver risk profiling. AI and neural network derived algorithms identify poor policyholder behavior and engagement, which is correlated to increased claims risk.

Sorting the good apples

Highly predictive, our algorithms have the ability to rapidly classify drivers, identify high risk individual and recommend the appropriate intervention to be applied.

Large scale retrospective data analysis of policyholders that have previously had good ingenie driving scores, have been proven to remain good risks later in life when insured by other providers.

Data Analysis

Working with you, we can create bespoke algorithms and in turn IP that you can own, that is specific to your book of business and addresses your strategic aims.

A stand-alone module or an integral part of a comprehensive solution, our algorithms can be deployed in isolation on existing data, used in retrospective analysis, or combined as part of wider solution for deeper data insights.