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End-to-End Solutions & Modules

End-to-End Solutions & Modules

Whether it’s an end to end solution or a stand alone module to compliment an existing deployment, we are experienced in providing both and ideally placed to support the delivery of our clients specific requirements

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ingenie drive and data services offer a range of solutions from white labelled end-to-end solutions encompassing all aspects of the telematics proposition, to individual componentised modules that can be run in parallel to existing products or solutions. Due to the flexible nature of our platform, these components can also be run in isolation / off-line of existing processes if retrospective / complementary analysis is required.


Tailored to your needs

We understand that every clients requirements are different, through close collaboration, we can create a bespoke customer solution or provide one of our stand alone modules to provide insights or by working alongside your existing solution to add value through additional insights

Close collaboration
Our varied and highly configurable approach ensures minimal disruption to your business and resource pool. Highly valuable insight can be gained to make business decisions, at a fair price as we only charge for the elements that are needed.