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Through analysing billions of miles of data and hundreds of thousands of crash events, ingenie drive and data services in house data science teams have built accurate and highly predictive FNOL detection algorithms.


Collaborate and share

Being an insurer and also a technology provider enables ingenie drive and data services to have full visibility of the claims lifecycle. Working closely with our data science, actuarial, claims, and operational colleagues we collaborate closely and share data. Having this end-to-end visibility is paramount to building a highly accurate FNOL algorithm

The FNOL algorithm works on telematics data collected from any source, it can be modulated to specific outcomes using a ROC curve analysis to balance the dynamic between capture and false positive. This configurability enables clients to determine their engagement strategy with their customers and vary it between propositions.


Accessible claims management portal

FNOL can be deployed as a stand alone service to any connected vehicle parc or be a constituent element of a more expansive telematics solutions. Our proprietary developed FNOL and claims management portal (JIM) is a web based tool that can be accessed by multiple uses across operating functions within an clients business.

JIM allows users to triage events, review recorded journeys, visualise detailed journey data, analysis accelerometer data, overlay contextual data (such as road speed, vehicle speed, road infrastructure, weather and more), replay with google street view, investigate claims, determine liability and track stolen vehicles.

ingenie drive and data services bespoke capabilities can create a FNOL algorithm that is tailored to your individual needs.