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Managing claims costs & customer satisfaction when a crash occurs.


Managing claims costs & customer satisfaction when a crash occurs.

September 23, 2021

Reducing loss ratio

  Proactively managing claims costs and customer satisfaction when a crash occurs is one of the hardest things to achieve. Traditional approaches fail to utilise real time data and technology driven inputs which in turn leads to unnecessary costs due to leakage, a low customer interaction and ultimately an unsatisfactory customer experience.     

Everything you need

  Utilizing technology, be it 3rd party telematics devices, a mobile telematics App, or the vehicle manufacturers connected car data when combined with a market leading platform, algorithms, and reconstruction / management software can provide a significant improvement in all areas of crash detection and management     

Algorithms linked to insurance outcomes

  Our highly predictive crash algorithms built over 10 years, billions of miles of data, and 100’s of thousands of crashes have all been linked to true insurance outcomes not proxies. Our highly accurate algorithms detect true crash events and eradicate false positives.      

Collaboration is key

  Our in-house data science, social science, and actuarial teams collaborate and work closely with our insurance partners and underwriters to ensure our algorithms, systems, and operational processes deliver the most optimal outcomes.       

Looking into the detail

  Our web-based crash and claims management portal can be deployed to multiple users globally.  Its comprehensive analytical, reporting, and visualization capabilities provide a clear understanding of the crash, contributary factors, and assist with association of liability and claims management     

How ingenie Business can help

    Deployable as a stand along service or as part of an end to end comprehensive technical solution, our FNOL algorithms, crash and claims management portal empowers you, expedites actions, reduces loss ratio, and ultimately provides a better experience for your customers.