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It’s all in the data


It’s all in the data

September 22, 2021

A heightened awareness by consumers as to the value of their data is ever growing.  Engagement, the provision of value-added services and the alignment between you and consumers in relation to a fair and equitable value exchange is important to success.  


Creating something unique that recognizes what matters to your customers is key.  Understanding and being able to navigate your way through compliance, regulation, and permissions when designing, implementing, and launching a new product can be hard.


Customers are looking for seamless, frictionless solutions that enhance their quality of life, save time, and deliver value applicable to themselves.  The days of generic, clunky white labeled products and propositions have died.  Empowering customers and delivering high levels of personalization is key but often too complex for traditional architectures.  


Through generational change and more laterally the impact of COVID on the way we think, feel, and behave, the dynamic has fundamentally altered.  A changing and increased consumer demand has heightened competition and stimulated the reinvention of traditional products and services beyond standard annual insurance.  


Those that can, will, however the majority can’t.  Large legacy systems, a lack of internal capability, lengthy and rigid processes, in-plan strategic initiatives, a fear of rocking the boat, and cultural challenges all present obstacles to companies looking to launch connected propositions.   


Never has it been more important to partner with an industry specialist with a pedigree.  With a £5B group footprint spanning more than 90 countries and multiple areas of expertise, ingenie Business understands how valuable your customers are.  Our expertise launching telematics propositions for insurers, brokers, and OEM’s in multiple countries for varying customer segments will enable you to easily and efficiently launch a differentiated product that creates value for you and your customers.