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Large Loss Identification

Large Loss Identification

Our in house data science teams work closely with, actuaries, behavioural psychologists, and operational colleagues to constantly review new and historical data to produce scoring algorithms that are highly predictive of risk and have the ability to detect high risk drives at a very early stage within their cover

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Large loss ferensics

Vast investment has been made into our data science capability, we continually analyse new and historical data to identify new and underlying trends that can benefit our clients and their policyholders.

ingenie Business’ large loss indicator is another lens that can be applied to traditional scoring to identify policyholders who may be predictive of a large loss. Large retrospective analysis of telematics data overlayed with insurer and claims data has enabled ingenie Business to identity signatures that correlate with large loss.

Stats Large Loss Identification

Pinpointing potential risk

Applying this algorithm in parallel to scoring algorithms enables clients to understand which customers might be at risk of a potential large loss claim incident. As such, enhanced feedback, coaching, rewards, and intervention strategies can be deployed to reduce the risk on cover