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ingenie drive and data services has developed its own proprietary cloud hosted, elastically scalable, device and data source agnostic, highly configurable, interoperable platform that can be launched remotely globally

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End-To-End Solutions

ingenie drive and data services offers a range of solutions to its B2B clients from a comprehensive end-2-end white labelled solution to a standalone module, including but not limited too; Platform As A Service (PaaS), device supplier and installation management, Mobile Telematics Apps (App AS A Sensor), feedback app, data hosting, data cleansing, driver risk scoring, distracted driving, driver fingerprint, psychology derived behaviour feedback and coaching, reward methodologies, FNOL detection and crash reconstruction, actuarial guidance, operational support, and in house bespoke engineering.

Stats Platform

Investment for today and tomorrow

Underpinning the end-2-end / modular approach to address current and new client requirements is a substantial investment in engineering development and data science, the launch of a new device agnostic, cloud based, elastically scalable, microservices platform called “Multi”, and the introduction of robotic process automation. Multi enables our clients to rapidly and cost effectively launch Xn policyholder cohort combinations which allows clients the flexibility to offer multiple propositions based on the specific requirement of a demographic or geography.

The interoperability of the Multi platform has allowed the ingestion, storage, analysis and manipulation of over a decade of insurance and telematics data from multiple device types both aftermarket and OEM fitted. Billions of events and hundreds of thousands of crashes and claims have been normalised and analysed on the multi platform, enabling our data science teams to build compelling insight applicable throughout the telematics lifecycle.


An essential key

With Data Science being key to ingenie drive and data services, having a platform that can create Xn customer cohorts and allow the use of Kubernetes for rapid deployment of customised algorithms and configurations is essential.