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Mass Market

Mass Market

The majority of experienced drivers present a low risk to insurers, however they too can benefit from connected insurance products that deliver tangible benefits and promote retention.

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Retaining customers

Experienced drivers often have no means of reducing their premium or obtaining additional benefits from their insurers, this often leads to a reduction in retention as customers regularly shop around for the best price.

Utilising our low cost, dynamic solutions for this group of customers enables the insurer to offer more competitive rates based on each individuals specific circumstance. The use of data provides additional insight into a customers behaviours and allows the tailoring of the insurer product to meet them.

Our combined playbook

The incorporation of rewards, assistance, crash detection, added value services, and a perhaps a small premium discount can have a material effect on loyalty and also drive cross sell of additional insurance products in other lines of business.

ingenie drive and data services has a wide range of solutions that address the needs of this group, highly customisable, our solutions can be deployed rapidly and within minimal effort from the insurer.