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The insurance and mobility landscape has changed, drivers are demanding fairer pricing and flexibility based on their usage and behaviour. Our mileage, and mileage + behaviour solutions can help you meet these new demands and keep pace with the rest of the market.

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Capturing changing driver habits

Peoples attitudes towards driving and mobility are continually changing, providing only annual based products is no longer an option for insurers as it could lead to missing out on acquiring certain, profitable customers.


Changes in individuals attitudes to mobility are leading people to question their driving habits and utilising alternative methods of transport. Insurers need to ensure they are servicing these customers by evolving their products and not ignoring them for someone else to write.


ingenie drive and data services can assist, our mileage based solutions and mileage + behavioural solutions are highly customisable and can be rapidly deployed to meet your customers needs. Embedded within our solution is the ability for customers to purchase additional miles on demand, review their progress against pre purchased miles, receive feedback, achieve rewards, view journeys, car locator and much more.

An essential key

As with all our solutions, we are agnostic with regards to data collection, we can however supply a number of proven professionally and self install options, as well as our own telematics App