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Older Drivers

Older Drivers

Globally, people are living longer. As such their desire to remain mobile into older age has too. Our technology can help you support your policyholders along this journey safely, providing comfort and reassurance to those close to them and provide proactive assistance should the worst happen.

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With over a decade of experience in young and high risk drivers, we can assist in creating a proposition that will enable you to insure and understand this market segment more accurately


Aging affects everyone in different ways and at a different pace, however some aspects are inevitable – increased physical frailty, declining cognitive, physical and visual ability.

Driving requires strength, co-ordination, flexibility, visual acuity, attention, memory, decision-making and judgement all of which can be affected by age-related declines. This increases the risk and makes driving more difficult for older drivers.

Benefits to the individual

The benefits of driving into older age are well documented, as are the negative effects of restriction and cessation of driving, including social isolation and depression. ingenie drive and data services provides you with the ability to treat each customer as an individual, we use our expertise in data science and product design to create tailored solutions that are specific to an individual customers needs.