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Interpreting telematics data effectively and accurately is fundamental in understanding policyholder driving behaviours, identifying risk, and improving road safety through targeted coaching and intervention.

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Stats - Scoring

Being both an insurer and technology provider enables us to have full visibility of how a customer responds to scoring based feedback, coaching and intervention. This enables the continual evolution of scoring algorithms to address the changing landscape from a consumer and insurer perspective and provide the optimal outcome

Our scoring algorithms are built on billions of miles of driving data, real outcomes, and the use of the latest AI, machine learning, and neural network data techniques.

In house data science teams work closely with , actuaries, behavioural psychologists, and operational colleagues to constantly review new and historical data to produce scoring algorithms that are highly predictive of risk and have the ability to detect high risk drives at a very early stage of cover

Billions of miles of driving data

Configurability to suit

The scoring algorithm works on telematics data collected from any source, it can be modulated to provide specific outcomes, this configurability enables clients to determine their strategy with their customers and vary it between propositions.

Extensive AB testing is conducted as part of algorithmic advancement, using kubentes for rapid implementation and deployment.

Our bespoke capabilities can create a scoring algorithm that is uniquely tailored for your individual needs.