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We are pioneers in shaping telematics.


We are pioneers in shaping telematics.

September 16, 2021

Pioneer in shaping telematics insurance

One of the first telematics service providers focused on the insurance space, ingenie Business helped its first partner launch an insurance proposition in 2011.  We have since helped multiple insurers, brokers, and OEM’s launch propositions in numerous countries, all of which remain partners to date and continue to successfully expand their telematics insurance offerings.

An Industry first

Our laser focus on behavioural coaching has paid dividends and continues to pave the way today.  An industry first, ingenie Business established its Driver Behaviour Unit (DBU), a team of behavioural psychologist that work with policyholders to improve their driving and road safety.  Our risk scoring, behavioural scoring, intervention, and coaching modules deliver 85% increases in positive behaviours ultimately leading to improved loss ratio’s.

Everyone’s an individual

Through a decade of experience and billions of miles of data collected and analysed by our inhouse data, social, and actuarial teams, it’s clear that not everyone is the same.  Understanding an individual’s behaviours and response characteristics is key to delivering a successful behavioural change strategy

Don’t stand still

Understanding how to communicate to deliver the best results is something that takes years of experience and cannot be learnt in minutes.  Even after a decade, ingenie Business continue to refine and improve its approach to ensure it addresses the needs of its partners and their customers.

Finding the right balance

Different partners have varied approaches and attitudes towards risk and customer engagement, at ingenie Business we understand this.  Creating a structured, results orientated approach that promotes positive behaviours and allows you to achieve your goals by balancing content, frequency, delivery method, gamification, and incentivization is a highly specific skill which we have developed over the past decade.

How ingenie Business can help

Understanding our partners and what matters most to them, and their customers is of the highest importance to ingenie Business.  Working collaboratively, ingenie Business enables you to deliver targeted, meaningful, and personalized engagement to your customers that drive positive behaviours, reduce risk, increase profitability and ultimately keep your customers safer on the roads. <!– Example link Basic Link –>